I design and build User Interfaces.
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The not so brief intro

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Hi there.

My name is Bogdan Ionuț Georgescu, I’m 36 37 – since last August 13th – and I do web design.

You may contact me by phone by filling the contact form below – or, if you prefer Skype, my id is bycolor.ro. Better yet, you may check out this request form – it only takes a couple of minutes (ok, a little more if you want the “Advanced Mode”).

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Now, the guy in the B/W photo is…

Well, I should say I was born in Giurgiu, a town close to Bucharest, Romania, but most of my workplaces were located in the romanian capital. Except for a long part-time period at a local newspaper, doing Desktop Publishing in QuarkXpress. I enrolled at the Spiru Haret University in 2006 and took my Journalism diploma three years later.

Well, in 2007 I’ve come to my senses, left Giurgiu and started looking for a webdesign/webdeveloping related job. In 2008 I registered as a PFA (self-employed, I suppose). Moving to Bucharest turned out to be a big push in my career, as bigger ponds have more opportunities, even if you’re a small fish.  And being geographically closer to my clients also helped a bit.

I soon became an addicted reader of Mark Boulton blog, Smashing Magazine and several other gems. This changed my perspective on design and opened my eyes. I became interested in User Interfaces and web-related standards and I dipped my fingers in “raw” Javascript before moving to jQuery.

…Moving on

Then I took on bigger clients. While working for them, I built websites in HTML5, CSS/LESS and jQuery with some Cordova, I experienced the spagetti code of osCommerce, the OpenCart‘s simplicity and the beauty of WordPress. Having worked in DTP for more than 10 years, I found somewhat easier to extend my skills in Adobe Illustrator.

Soon, I began preparing my online portfolio but this turned to be the hardest job of all. Nothing was good enough and I found myself changing my mind over and over again, doing new graphics every time I seemed to settle on one mockup. Until one day, when an old acquaintance split it for me:

“Perfection sucks when it gets in the way of actually finishing the product”

Well, endless improvements might sometimes defy the purpose. I scrapped everything and started from scratch, promising myself I won’t change my mind until after I put my portfolio online.

So here it is.