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Don’t worry if you can’t or won’t answer any of the design related questions, just leave the fields empty or the sliders at their default setting. We’ll catch up with that. On the other hand, you may fine tune your request by clicking on the “Toggle Advanced link” and fill in several extra fields but, again, this is not required (although recommended). Feel free to send me any extra info you think it’s helpful in the text field at the end of the page.

After submitting the form, you will be contacted as soon as possible so we can further get into details. Oh, and don’t forget, you have to fill in at least the three fields marked with [*]: name, e-mail and, of course, captcha.

About yourself

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Eg: we make expensive jewelery

Eg: DigitalHomes

Eg: “Always Coca-Cola”

Eg: just me / 10 people

Eg: 10 years / We just founded it


Eg: A big bird / two cherries

Eg: A small bird / the same

Eg: Because we sell big birds


Eg: we build smart houses for young singles

Eg: smart homes

Eg: homes

Eg: a tennis ball / a pen

Eg: a bottle / a monkey

Eg: Pluto! He's so much fun!

About your customers...

Eg: Call a phone number, fill out a form, sign up for a mailing list, make a purchase, request a free report.

Eg: active men under 45

Eg: low prices

Eg: a Formula 1 car

Eg: Captain Nemo, adventurous and daring

...and your competitors!

Eg: my neighbour / Pepsi Co.

Eg: being smaller on the market, it's easier to reposition ourselves

Eg: higher prices, delayed shipping, lacking some online payment methods

Eg: they target students, we target teenage students

Logo, shapes and colors

Eg: google.com - it's simple

Eg: The Google logo - too many colors

Eg: marine blue, pale green

Eg: marine blue, pale green

Eg: window blinds; and almost none of our competitors got them in their logo

Eg: window blinds, almost all our competitors got them in their logo

Eg: 1

Styles and influences

Oh, and the mighty Budget

For larger amounts please contact me by phone or email


Budget is set at:

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